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I’m Lecia. I coined my blog name from my real name. So there you have it; Lecia’s Corner. Here, I’ll let you in on my parenting style, marriage, food and love for photography.

I have an adventurous love for food, so I create my exclusive recipes; don’t worry; my secrets recipes are open secrets to all my lovely readers.

Blogging started as a simple hobby until it grew to become a large part of me, consuming most of my attention besides my kids and spouse, of course.

Talking about family, I’m a proud mom and wife married to her best friend.

I hail from Alaska. A perfect day for me is a plate of delicious food, a warm hug from my kids, hubby’s smile and compliment, and a beautiful picture of those evergreen moments to create a gorgeous image nestled on my wall and blog. I’ll be keeping it 100%. What I eat is what I’ll be showing, nothing superficial. I hope to be the muse that drives you speedily into the kitchen to create novel recipes like I do, or even better.

What is it that you find challenging when dealing with your spouse? Are you having a rough time handling your children of different life stages? You have a solution in this one-stop blog.

We give you realistic and practical advice and tips on how to handle your parenting and marriage challenges.

This is not my blog; we are a team of women who have gone through issues in family circles. That is why you have researched articles and content to teach you and equip you with the right skills to manage your daily endeavors.

My drive and passion from this blog come from my personal experience as a career woman, a wife, and a mother.

I found it tough to manage all these titles. Since I went through postpartum depression after giving birth to my firstborn, I had to advocate so as no other mum can go through what I went through.

My boss didn’t so understand, which worsened the situation. At this point, I had to be on the front line to advocate for good parenting tips for a win-win situation among family members.

I started this blog when my boys were three and five as a way to share photos and stories, and remember the day to day as it happens now, long into the future. My maternal grandmother was the original archivist; I come by the blogging impulse honestly.

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